Can you use a driving license issued in Malaysia to drive a vehicle in Australia?

The answer is, Yes, you can.

But there are a few conditions which you have to meet.

Translate to English

According to Education Malaysia Australia:

An oversea driving license holder must obtain translation if the driving license is not in English language. You MUST either carry an English Translation or an International Driving Permit.

The first condition is to have your Malaysia driving license translated into English.

Malaysia old driving license

If you are holding the old version of the Malaysian driving licence, it is just a piece of paper laminated in plastic.

The details in the old license are printed only in Bahasa Malaysia.

When you renew your old license, you are issued another piece of laminated paper acting as a license extension.

The license extension has to be attached with your driving license in order for it to be valid.

The license extension is also printed only in Bahasa Malaysia.

In order to use your old Malaysia driving license in Australia, you have to translate your license details (front and back) into English.

Where to do the translation?

What is needed is an official translation.

You can use the Authentication of Documents and Notarial Service by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia.

For more information on the translation service, click here.

New driving license

Is there a better approach to use Malaysian driving license in Australia?

Luckily, there is.

If you are still holding the old Malaysian driving license, change it to the new hard plastic type.

Malaysian driving license

New Malaysian driving license

The new driving license has all the important information such as:

The best part is, the details are printed in both Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Even the driving class details at the back of the license are printed in Bahasa Malaysia and English.

CDL Back

Driving class details

Therefore, no more translation needed.

Probationary driving license

What if you are holding a Malaysian Probationary Driving License (PDL)?

Can you use your PDL to drive in Australia?

Your PDL is actually a full Malaysian driving licence.

It is just as valid as a Competent Driving License (CDL).

The only different is, you can’t use your PDL to apply for an international driving permit.

You can only use a CDL for that.

Australian permanent residence

If you are holding an Australian permanent residence (PR) visa, your situation is very different.

Based on Australian laws, driving on foreign license while holding an Australian PR visa is illegal.

What you need to do is apply for a local driving license.

Two-way agreement

Since you can use a Malaysian driving license to drive a vehicle in Australia, can anyone with an Australian driving license drive in Malaysia?

As a matter of fact, based on the two-way agreement between nations, yes they can.

The Australian driving license has been officially recognized to be valid in Malaysia by the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) or the Malaysian Road Transport Department.

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