Drivers in Malaysia, after passing their practical tests conducted by the J.P.J. authorities, are given “P” licenses. The new drivers have to affix “P” stickers on their motorcycles or cars for 2 years.

As a matter of fact, Malaysia’s method of driving follows very closely Australia’s defensive form of driving. However, whereas Australia “P” system appears to be very strict, in Malaysia, “P” drivers are allowed to do a few things our Australian counterparts cannot.

“P” drivers in Australia, I understand are not allow to driving at night alone.

Now, let’s study the rational why new passed license holders should be forced to affix “P” stickers on their vehicles.

The first reason for using “P” stickers is to permit new and inexperienced drivers an opportunity to get experience. It also gives them an opportunity to gain knowledge to become a better driver eventually. As a result, they will become a competent driver eventually.

Who among new drivers have to use the “P” stickers? Those who have to use “P” stickers are essentially those who obtained driving licenses for the first time only.

Before we continue, permit me to explain the of the “P” stickers use in Malaysia today. Sizes of “P” come in 2 categories. For cars, the measurements are 15 cm x 15 cm. For motorcycles, “P” are smaller, measuring 10 cm x 10 cm.

For your information, not affixing “P” stickers in front and at the back of your vehicle is an offense. Under the Demerit System of points, a motorist can be given 10 points. This can easily cause one’s license to be withdrawn by the J.P.J.

What classes of new drivers have to use these “P” stickers?

Only A, B, B1, B2, C, D, F, G, H, and I classes of licenses need to use “P” stickers.

Lorry drivers, which are of Class E1, E2 and E, are exempted from usage of “P” stickers. Potential E license holders have to possess a D license (cars) before they can apply for lorry license.

For how long must “P” stickers be used? The answer is 2 years!

What conditions are imposed upon “P” users? Users of “P” stickers must observe a few rules and regulations. Amongst them, they must:

i) Bring along their “P” license while they drive.

ii) Affix “P” stickers both in front and at the back of their vehicles.

iii) Ensure that alcohol content in their blood, breath and urine remain at 0.00.

The law that exists in Malaysia today’s appear to be very strict with “P” drivers regarding these conditions. Contravening any of the above stated conditions, a “P” driver faces Section 119 of the Road Transport Act 1987.

For this, a 1st time offender is liable to be charged RM1000 or a 3 months prison sentence or both. A 2nd time offender can be fined RM2000 and a 6 months prison sentence or both.

On top of that, as stated much earlier, a driver can be expected to be given 5 or 10 demerit points under the Demerit System currently used by Putrajaya today.

Holders of “P” licenses who have achieved 10 demerit points or more can have their driving licenses withdrawn by the Director of J.P.J. Department.

Drivers who have completed their 2 years “P” period can apply for a Competent Driver’s License (C.D.L.) within 1 year of the “P” expiring.

To apply for the C.D.L., a driver should submit the followings:

i) “P” original.

ii) 1 coloured photo (25mm x 32mm).

iii) Payment RM20 for licenses A, B and C. RM30 for Classes D, E, F, G, H and I.

iv) Payment for licenses can be made for 1 to 5 years and 10 years.

Can a “P” license be converted into a C.D.L. earlier than its expiry date? The answer to this question is Yes!

A “P” license can be submitted to the authorities 7 days earlier than the stipulated expiry of 2 years. However, it should be reminded that renewal of such licenses is permissible for 1 year only. Such licenses with then undergo automatic supervision by J.P.J. computer system.

A lot of facts and figures regarding the “P” license have been given in this article. Read it carefully and you will then have no more reason to write to this blog regarding it.